$250.00 USD

High Conflict Coparenting Secrets - 12 Hour Course

Learn strategies to disengage from the other parent so you can stop "trying" to coparent. Learn how to focus on being present with your children while getting out of the fight and moving on with your life. 

You will also learn:

  • Rules to control contact and communication with the other parent to reduce the ongoing conflict;
  • Techniques to help you stop wasting your life energy on the fight while "trying" to coparent with the other parent, knowing you will never be able to work together;
  • The 8 Steps of Empathy will help you lovingly take your children out of the middle of the conflict, while giving them emotional support and  parental guidance;
  • How to String Pearls with your Children. Lessons are designed to help you create close, warm and powerful connections with your children so they become resilient, confident and emotionally strong; 
  • How to apply Mom's World-Dad's World skills to develop your own house rules, traditions and  memories and success skills with your children;

Every lesson will empower you to end your conflict with the other parent once and for all while you become a Gold Medal Parent with your children who will feel close to you and love being with you. 

What Parents Love About the Class

To show my love towards those that matter. Letting go of the pain that’s been caused by the situation. Life goes on. As a father I am breaking all generational curses in hopes that my children live a great life. “Stringing Pearls” really hit home because it’s done every day in a parent's life if you’re active. I highly recommend Dr. Stacer's high-conflict co-parenting class. If you want to save your children, and yourself, she will teach you the tools, and provide you with the resources you need in order to be a gold-medal parent and have the best relationship you can with your child. It only takes 1 parent to end conflict, and it only takes 1 parent to save your child; be that parent!

Kendrick H.

Each activity is a pearl. I use this as a magical connection and positive anticipation. I now use a lot of empathy when they are expressing their thoughts, feelings and how bad they feel about having a Dad like the one that they have. Teaching my kids the skills to be resilience. Helping them to plan, set goals; teaching them how to connect and provide all my energy to help them to regulate their emotions and provide positive emotions.

Aracelli N.

The kids' mother has attempted to control many situations with how she schedules the kids' activities so that when it's my weekend time they always have things planned that allow her to be involved. I felt like I never get the kids just to myself. I broke the pattern simply not going to those events. This has flipped the control a bit which has helped. Dr. Stacer's class was immensely helpful in teaching new concepts and tools to be the best parent I can be. I very much appreciated her personal stories which helped relate her real life experiences to what I am going through now. Her help was greatly appreciated.

Adam G

So we spent the last week talking about and shopping for a birthday cake for my 5 year old son's most beloved stuffed toy/lovey. He randomly announced one day that it was almost Lulu’s birthday. It was the perfect opportunity to string pearls. We looked for ideas online together. He picked out the cake mix and frosting, helped make it and sat by the oven while it baked. Then today he helped frost the cake and put candles on it. Then we all sang Happy Birthday to Lulu and enjoyed her (his 😂) favorite cake. During the past week he has told everyone he knows about the cake for Lulu’s birthday- his teacher, nana, speech and ABA therapists, etc. It’s amazing that something so simple and basic as baking a cake could make this little boy’s entire week! This warmed my momma heart to see him so joyful and I really enjoyed the anticipation of stringing pearls with him. I just wanted to share and say thank you for this priceless lesson on being present and including our son in the planning process. How special to get an unforgettable memory from one simple box cake mix. ❤️

Robyn T.

I believe starting this course as soon as possible has given me an advantage in being able to exercise what has been taught. Rather than spinning in the mud, I’ve gained traction in my circumstances and have been able to put to practice immediately.

Jonathan B.

One lesson that I learned was that you don’t have to do this on your own. There are people out there going through exactly what your going through and I’ve never really gone to classes like this. The class has helped me realize that there is a lot of support out there.

Miguel C.

I have learned NOT TO BE SURPRISED anymore by actions, lies, texts, emails, phone calls. I now engage less with unimportant messages and things that are not emergencies regarding our children. I am aware that we are not equipped to deal with high conflict people, so I have eliminated their involvement in my life and how they affect me. My children and I appreciate planning and the fun ideas that the kids have to make it extra special. We are Stringing Pearls with each other for the rest of the summer and my birthday near Christmas!

Gracie M.