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High Conflict Coparenting Secrets - 12 Hour Course Payment Plan

Learn strategies to disengage from the other parent so you can stop "trying" to coparent. Learn how to focus on being present with your children while getting out of the fight and moving on with your life. 

You will also learn:

  • Rules to control contact and communication with the other parent to reduce the ongoing conflict;
  • Techniques to help you stop wasting your life energy on the fight while "trying" to coparent with the other parent, knowing you will never be able to work together;
  • The 8 Steps of Empathy will help you lovingly take your children out of the middle of the conflict, while giving them emotional support and  parental guidance;
  • How to String Pearls with your Children. Lessons are designed to help you create close, warm and powerful connections with your children so they become resilient, confident and emotionally strong; 
  • How to apply Mom's World-Dad's World skills to develop your own house rules, traditions and  memories and success skills with your children;

Every lesson will empower you to end your conflict with the other parent once and for all while you become a Gold Medal Parent with your children who will feel close to you and love being with you.