Learn the 7 Secrets to High Conflict Coparenting.  

Get immediate access to the proven strategies that have helped thousands of other coparents who  also struggled with their high conflict child custody cases, even when the other parent was a difficult coparent. 
Learn more about Dr. Deena. Dr. Deena offers 7 proven Secrets that will help you end your high conflict coparenting dispute, while you learn to protect your children from permanent emotional damage and reclaim your life back. 
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Embrace the mindset you need to take charge of your conflict and end the fight once and for all. 


Understand and Manage the High Conflict Dynamics


Follow simple rules to reduce conflict and calm down. 


Learn how to change your coparenting approach with the other parent.  


Apply the power of empathy and nurturing to take your children out of the middle.  


Implement the secrets to create closer connections with your children.



Practice higher level parenting skills to raise higher level children. 


From Dr. Deena:
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Click on the video and listen to one half (one hour) of a two-hour live Zoom High Conflict Coparenting Class I taught on March 7, 2023.  


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Here is what six parents say about taking the High Conflict Coparenting Secrets Course! 

Secret #6: We built a tree house with a simple platform and each visit, it grew to a full tree house from scrap wood on the property. It involved the whole family working together.

Secret #5: Coaching my child through situations at difficult times while giving her the tools to be able to prepare for situations or events that reoccur in her life or our lives. 

C.D. (Only Mom's initials are shown to protect her and the children).     

Since joining this class, I've felt better about my case and my life impacting my children's lives.

I really liked Secret #5: Parallel parenting vs. Coparenting.

I recommend Dr. Stacer's class. It makes you feel confident and comfortable. It helps you get through this rough time, even having a laugh or two in class. 

 -O.S. (Only Dad’s initials are given to protect him and his children).

I liked Secret #2. I just have to let things be, and allow the other parent to feel the way he feels knowing I can't change him.

I also liked Secret #3. I have learned to just let things be. This has really helped me not to respond to negative comments when he wants to poke the bear. It really has not only helped me, but also my children because I know they are aware of it, so I just stay away from it. And do not respond.  

 -J.H. (Initials for Mom only to protect her and her children). 

I love Secret # 3. I turn off the phone/email at night so we are not interrupted by the other parent.

I met Dr. Stacer early in the beginning of what has become a long custody argument. Her class and guidance has been invaluable in navigating a process I had no clue how to navigate.

Secret 6: My boys live with me, but I still string pearls to motivate them and to make sure they turn out okay. 

M.K. (Father's initials have only been used to protect him and the children). 

Secret #2: I learned that I was raised above the Trustline and the other parent was raised below it. The lack of control in my breakup led me to practice Parallel Parenting. I learned the other parent is going to remain conflictual. I needed to look at myself and make changes within me. I refuse to focus on the tornado of emotions the other parent likes to create. 

-N.G. (Mom's initials are only provided to protect her and the children). 

Secret #7: I found it most helpful thinking as a Gold Medal parent, learning that people who love conflict thrive off of it, by avoiding conflict with their mother at all cost.

I didn’t want to do this class but I’m glad I did. It was a blessing in disguise.

-JRM (Father's initials have only been used to protect him and the children). 

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