About Dr Deena Stacer

Dr. Deena Stacer is the Director and Facilitator of the High Conflict Intervention and Coparenting Program, which was established with her partner, Fred Stemen in 1997. Since that time, she has worked with thousands of parents helping them learn skills, strategies and teaching stories that help parents take action to end their conflict with the other parent and refocus their energy as Gold Medal Parents with their children. Her parenting courses are designed to help parents learn to let help parents shift their mindset from defending themselves and reacting to the conflict to building closer connections with their children while teaching them life skills and relationship success so they grow up as resilient children who are happy, respectful and responsible.

Dr Deena works with parents, children, extended family members and all types of family law and mental health professionals involved in difficult conflictual child sharing cases. 

She has also successfully mediated over 1000 divorce cases.

She travels nationally and internationally, speaking and training and coaching professionals involved with helping resolve and manage high conflict child sharing cases.

Her courses are filled with powerful, effective Coparenting Secrets that that can be immediately applied by one parent involved in conflict with another parent to end the fight over the children.