Family Life Education Center offers  families and  individuals the skills, strategies, education and emotional support to develop high self worth, enjoy happy and healthy relationships with others and family education for every person that are loving and emotionally connected. 

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Hi, I’m Dr. Deena. I have been working with families of all types since 1997. I enjoy helping families create better connections and relationships with each other, including helping reduce their stress, anxiety, conflict and family drama. 

Sometimes families have a family member who needs to learn new skills or behaviors to smooth out the family dynamics.  I have a variety of courses I offer parents involved in custody and child-sharing conflict as well as strategies to help families create more peace, more happiness and greater harmony.

Feel free to hang out here and check out my courses and my numerous resources. I look forward to helping you with some of the toughest family situations. 

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“Dr. Deena Stacer has helped me in countless ways. I have a healthy relationship with my children now.”


Samantha Freeman

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